Food garden and community farm located in Navi Mumbai

It all started in June 2012, when the group of us got together with the vision to convert a piece of barren unused land into a sustainable organic food garden!​

This food garden and community farm is located at Tata Memorial Hospital (ACTREC) campus, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. The objective of this project is to provide children from the centre with healthy chemical-free food to boost their fight against cancer.

At the time, the soil was hard and unfit for growing vegetables, but over the last five years nearly 100 tonnes of organic ‘waste’ like leaf litter, branches, weeds and coconuts shells from the surrounding area were composted to make nutrient rich living soil beds using permaculture and natural farming methods. Over 50 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and medicinal plants are now grown on this farm, while nurturing a biodiversity habitat with varied species of butterflies, birds and other pollinators making the farm their home.

The parents of the children get involved in farming activities, giving them an opportunity to release day to day stress of caring for their ailing children.

Volunteer with us

From the beginning, the project has attracted many volunteers – local residents, school and college students, corporate employees – who have come along and helped grow this farm. It has become a hub for education in organic farming, environmental conservation and other sustainable practices.


Support by

"Being Human Foundation"

Green Souls was featured in
Being Human Foundation’s
‘Be good, Look Good’
campaign, that recognized six
organizations from the
country, doing community
work to better the lives of
people. The campaign was
marketed across print, online
and outdoor media.

Support the project

The vision of the farm is to reach its own full potential, including meeting complete fresh produce requirements for the 40 patients and their families by 2020. 

To realize this vision, we invite donations from supporters, well-wishers and believers for the following requirements - 

  • Salaries to two gardeners and one supervisor

  • Procure Materials and resources when needed

  • Hire additional skilled labour when needed

  • Execute special projects to increase productivity

  • Hold Activities &Volunteer Programmes 


Our Monthly expense is now on an average

Rs. 20,000/-


Your donation can be either Rs 500 / Rs 1000/ Rs 2000 / Rs. 5000 each month for a minimum of one year. 


Anyone offering to give as a one-time donation is also welcome. 


Please note that these donations will not receive a tax benefit, as we are not an ‘NGO’. 

How to Donate

- Give Post-dated cheques for next 12 months.

- Enrol for auto debit from your net banking account. 

Get in touch to know more

For onetime donations, click here



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Organic Kitchen Gardening & Home Composting Workshop

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