Come with us on a journey to reconnect with mother nature through the creative, educational and practical corporate programmes.

​​Modern work life leaves most working professional cut-off from the natural environment in everyday life. Interacting with with nature is personally healing and also motivates behaviour that builds relationships, releases stress, creates personal well-being and inspires innovation. 


Come with us on a journey to reconnect with mother nature through the creative, educational and practical corporate programmes on community farming, urban organic kitchen gardening and composting. We will see how these sustainable activities are intimately connected to healthy living and a healthy environment. 

Employee Engagement Programmes 

at Our Urban Community Food Farm

Our urban organic community farm is a social project and is located in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, within the premises of Tata Hospital (ACTREC). 


We invite you to come experience team work like never before. Dig, shovel, sow, water, plant, build, while enjoying nature’s delights in the garden! 


Fostering team building, our programme is designed around any of the following farm activities - Harvesting, weeding, collecting organic matter, composting, re-using plastic bottles and containers creatively for planting and sapling making, building bamboo trellises, sapling making, transplanting, mulching, making self-watering planters, putting manure and more.

Each Batch Size: 25-30 |  Duration: 2 hours

Demo-based Awareness Workshops 

at your office premises

Organic Kitchen Gardening: The demo and talk will illustrate forest inspired ways of growing one’s own food plants like vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, and medicinal plants etc, in the city. It will showcase the basics of soil ecology, and demonstrate making of the ‘Living Soil’ Planter and a DIY bottle drip irrigation system for watering. Session will include Q & A.


Home Kitchen Waste Composting: The demo and talk will follow a step by step process of composting one’s own kitchen waste at home, highlighting the do’s & don’ts, insightful tips, and understanding of basic principles of composting that will give participants the confidence to turn their kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost in a hassle free way! Session will include Q&A.

No of Participants: upto 80 pax at once |  Duration: 1.5 hours

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Stall - To enhance the experience of participants for any of the demos we can also set-up a stall in the area with compost, potting mix, seeds, saplings etc.


Both demo workshops can also be clubbed together if required. 

Support the project

The vision of the farm is to reach its own full potential, including meeting complete fresh produce requirements for the 40 patients and their families by 2020. 


Help us meet our monthly maintenance cost which includes

one gardener’s salary, manure, seeds and other basic expenses.


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Organic Kitchen Gardening & Home Composting Workshop

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