Enabling students to relate their theoretical lessons to actual creation of a sustainable organic food garden. 

A child’s experience in the natural world can be as small as helping to plant a garden, sitting under a tree, or listening for the sound of a bird. However, such a connection with nature has been slipping away from many of us – and especially so from urban children. 


Today, much of their time is spent in human-made, media- heavy surroundings, eliminating the outdoors and benefits of nature, and also being disconnected from the food they eat. How can we raise children who care about their planet if they do not first have an opportunity to appreciate and investigate it?

Our programmes will enable students to relate their theoretical lessons to actual creation of a sustainable organic food garden. It focuses on the usefulness of organic waste in the ecosystem, and how they can be used to build ‘living soil’ to grow a ‘Kitchen Garden’ through natural methods. The program will allow for exploration and meaning-making experiences, as both intentional learning and spontaneous activities build awareness and develop observational skills in children.


  • The above modules offered are best conducted through year-long on-going sessions with support from the school to   set-up an Organic School Kitchen Garden

  • In case of lack of space or that of time, the modules can also be done as workshops at the school

  • Workshops can also be conducted at our community farms at Kharghar 


  • How to make living soil

  • Making self-watering planters

  • Making a raised bed

  • Waste Segregation

  • Kitchen Waste Composting

  • Bottle Drip Irrigation

  • Sapling Making

  • Mulching

  • Butterfly Garden

  • Herbal / Medicinal Garden

  • Wall & Grill Garden

  • Re-using plastic containers in gardening

  • Making Bamboo Trellises

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The vision of the farm is to reach its own full potential, including meeting complete fresh produce requirements for the 40 patients and their families by 2020. 


Help us meet our monthly maintenance cost which includes

one gardener’s salary, manure, seeds and other basic expenses.


Sun Nov 18 2018 04:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Organic Kitchen Gardening & Home Composting Workshop

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